Real essential oils do not include “perfume oils” and “fragrance oils”. These products include different synthetic chemicals and mixtures of essential oils. Their therapeutic potential is significantly reduced or may be completely depleted. Moreover, you should not be overwhelmed with terms like “therapeutic grade” considering that there is no government agency which regulates or certifies what is and is not regarded as therapeutic level in these oils.

Pure essential oils only have botanical matter and will provide the maximum effect. Take note that just because it states “pure” on the label, does not mean that it is “fresh” or even ‘high-quality”. Try to buy essential oils from companies which use botanical materials and distilling processes with the highest quality. Store them properly always.

Most health food stores have essential oils. You can buy tea tree oil both at Target and Walmart.

A bottle can range from $3 to $50 according to what you want. But most bottles will cost approximately $8 on the average. They can really be used for a long period of time. Be sure not to buy Fragrance oils by accident since these are not the same and they contain fillers and many more.

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