Tracksuit clothing is often worn by male and female when participating in different athletic events. This particular type of suit has jacket top and a nice bottom; a pair manufactured from comfortable materials. This suit is being worn in various exercises and when warming up in gyms or some places, for instance before an athletic event. The suit can then be taken off when the athletic event is about to begin. The first tracksuit was seen during the 1920 British Olympics. Since then it became a common part of any type of athletic events and in numerous places. Track jacket has become a famous clothing fad that is beyond sports.

Being famous for manufacturing sportswear clothing, Adidas was among the sportswear companies to manufacture tracksuits for individuals to wear in their houses and also when hanging out. Adidas made various stylish suits designed with cushy collars and stripes and were originally distributed with zippers.

Tracksuits of Adidas became an immediate hit for many types of individuals and teenagers loved the suit. During the 1970s, individuals were wearing these tracksuits around the globe as fashion statement. These suits were created more usable and more comfortable by giving options like putting nice pockets on jackets and pairing with shorter pants to have great looks. The new styles has allowed individuals to wear the suit and be able bring their gadgets with them. The company has even made leather tracksuits. The jacket with hood was made during 1980s.