What are the reasons for the occurrence of the Sores?

This was somewhat the biggest puzzle. Yet, when it was finally discussed with a trichologist or a person who studies hair or is a scientist of the hair, I was told that it is a fungus which comes from the malassezia genome. After telling me this, Procter and Gamble emerged and informed the public that Malassezia is the cause of dandruff. Basically, a severe type of dandruff is termed as seborrheic dermatitis. The dermatologist was correct when he said that it feeds off the oils in the scalp.

Which Treatment that Changed Everything?

Shampoos such as Head and Shoulders, T Gel or even Nizoral can be used for treatment and can be obtained in local drug stores and grocery stores. Its ingredient is responsible for this. This ingredient is known as zinc pca. It was the same trichologist who I was working with in solving my scalp problem who told me that I should produce a shampoo which contains this remarkable form of zinc in it. Since he had been right on everything so far, so why not give it a try?

I made four hundred bottles of this formula. Also, he told me that he added special herbs in order to break down the scalp oils, grime and dirt which will accumulate inside the hair follicles wherein fungus and bacteria could hide and feed.

The results were remarkable! This happened fifteen years ago. At the present, besides the mild and extremely occasional flare up, I am still free from the symptoms. These hair products have really changed my life when nothing else did.