Some hair products, dandruff, psoriasis, sunburns and eczema are reasons which can trigger scabs to make further infection inflicting their adverse effects on the scalp.

This is a skin condition in which the scalp has red bumps or patches mostly on the hairline near the ears, forehead and close to the neck. They are thick and appear red. Sometimes, they are dry and for some, they appear pulpy with a ring around the scab in whitish-silver color.

Scalp eczema can be yellowish or whitish in appearance. This skin condition can affect the areas of the scalp which are highly susceptible to become oily and sticky. Oil residue resides usually on the scalp to create an itchy and flaky scalp.

This condition mainly occurs on the scalp. There are 2 forms in which dandruff can be present. One is oily while the other one is dry. People with oily scalp can experience extreme itchiness. As a result, oil sediments are stimulated in the form of small granular particles. If the dandruff is dry in nature, the texture will be flaky and loose. Parched and coarse scabs will be present on the scalp.

A sunburned scalp will result to trouble particularly when the skin scabs are healing. The sunburns will flake away with formation of blisters. They will also bleed. Sunburns can become problems on the scalp particularly if a person’s hair is long and fine.

Kind of Products for the Hair

Other hair products, shampoos and conditioners which a person uses can lead to an itchy scalp. Some hair concoctions may have allergens. These allergens may not be appropriate for you and will result to some allergic reactions like the presence of a rash along with blisters filled with pus and a burning sensation.