I really like false eyelashes. I even consider myself a connoisseur of false lashes.  I have tried wearing Ardell, MAC and even cheap ones which you can get during Halloween and other occasions.  The basic things which you should look for in false lashes are the band and the texture.  If the band is very thick and rigid, it will be difficult to wear them. Also, the lashes will not flatter you, if the texture is plastic or very synthetic.  One thing I love about Red Cherry lashes is that they are totally human hair.  Since they are made from real hair they really look like real lashes.  Another thing which I love about Red Cherry is its band. The band on their lashes is clear making it invisible. Even the hair is tied to it as well. Small knots can be seen in which the hair will meet the band.  As a result, there will be a lot of pliability and your appearance will become more natural.  I ordered Red Cherry through the Internet for a price of $2.  A local hair extension shop also sells them.  I was able to buy seven pairs for testing.  The store sells them for the price of $2.25 which is totally affordable.  They have an extensive selection to choose from. Personally, I prefer the ones which appear whispy.  I love WSP or DW. Since they are the only ones which are not numbered, I find them easy to remember.  During the wedding of my cousin, I used #218 and they really looked fantastic. It is best to use eyelash glue which becomes black when dry.  For many years, I have been using the clear drying glue. It is difficult to cover the clear glue using an eyeliner once it dried down.  A better finish is obtained with the black glue. I love black glue by Duo’s. I highly recommend the Red Cherry brand if you want to use false eyelashes. The quality is remarkable and the lashes are cheap.  Shaping your brows and false lashes is the biggest thing you can do to completely change the way your face appears. I have witnessed miracles taking place through a set of fake lashes and a pair of tweezermans.