Usually, the cost for the removal of a small mole through a laser method ranges from $120 to $150. One of the simplest surgical procedures in removing a small mole is the laser. As of this time, larger moles cannot be removed by a laser procedure. In terms of a smaller mole procedure, a dermatologist can make use of a surgical alternative in removing a mole. The surgical option of an elliptical excision or shave excision is best used for bigger moles. Sometimes, stitches or cauterization may be necessary in closing the wound. The cost for the removal of the mole with the use of this procedure will vary from $100 for a small mole to $400 for a big mole. This requires several different treatments in removing the entire mass. Moreover, a plastic surgeon can remove a mole for cosmetic reasons. But he will be charging a bit more from approximately $300 to $2000 based on the size of the mole. Even if the cost for mole removal seems a bit costly, the plastic surgeon will not only perform the surgery but will also work in reducing the scarring and make it appear as if no procedure occurred. With the dermatologist alternative, particularly when using stitches, there could be higher risk for scarring and marks once the mole has been removed.