When it comes to long sleeves, there are many styles to consider. The Juliet sleeve is the most popular style in wedding gowns with sleeves.  This sleeve is puffed at the level of the shoulders up to six inches below the shoulder. Then it becomes tight fitted up to the wrist.  This style can be suitable for frilly bridal gown. However, it should be avoided by women with fuller arms since it can make them look fat. Brides who are slim can safely opt for this style.

Another option for long sleeve dresses is poet sleeve.  These are attractive styles in which the sleeves are pleated at the shoulder. It continues from the shoulders up to the wrist or just below the elbow in which it is pleated again.  Areas which are pleated below the elbow can freely extend further up to the wrist.

Another perfect choice for long sleeve wedding gowns is the bell sleeves.  A classic option to go for is the illusion sleeves.  Basically, these are tight transparent or semi-transparent full sleeves.  Although, these will cover your arms, the transparent or semi-transparent material used will help avoid that covered up appearance. The pattern of slits sleeves is very popular for plus size dresses with sleeves.

One can choose to use the same material as that of your dress or go for something different. Even when using the same material, you can skip the lining and select the gorgeous illusion sleeves. This particularly looks amazing with netted materials.  There are numerous options if you want to choose a distinguished sleeve.  If you choose a white dress, you can have illusion sleeves with colors like lavender, pink or greenish gray.  Sleeves made from one or two colors can be used in the dress.

If the dress has only one color, you may have a perfect contrast or matching color for the shades.   A bow, belt, ribbon or embellishments of the same color can be added on the main body of the dress. Even if you will have sleeves in the same color and material, one can make them look distinctive through some detailing. For example, in a red wedding gown, embellishments especially pearl strands can be adorned all over the sleeve to highlight it.