Listerine Whitening Strips are available in packages with 56 strips. Every package can be used for the top and bottom of your teeth. A box has 28 applications.

The most usual complaint with these strips is their fragility. Lots of people complained that the white strips will fall apart and will not be useful after getting them out of the box.

Similar to lots of home whitening kits, Listerine Whitening Strips make use of hydrogen peroxides as its agent for whitening. This is not considered to be the best whitening chemical. It is used in whitening products with lower quality. The whitening kits that I recommend use carbamide peroxide as their only whitening chemical which will give you that radiant white smile which Hollywood celebrities have.

If you have tried using Listerine breath strips, then you are aware how fast they will break down. Unluckily, this does not happen with Listerine white strips. There are many complaints that the strips will not completely dissolve and will only leave slime all over your teeth.

Listerine whitening strips contain hydrogen peroxide. You may want to use a home teeth whitening kit which contains carbamide peroxide in order to have a great white smile. A home whitening kit containing carbamide peroxide is not very costly and will provide the same results as expensive dental clinic sessions for tooth whitening.