False nails are getting very popular nowadays. People suddenly have his obsession of having fake nails laid on top of their natural nails. And their reasons aren’t the same at all; they vary. Say, for instance, they would get a silk wrap to add durability to their weak or brittle nails. People with the habit of nail-biting will opt for an application of acrylic fingernails or gel nails. But the reason the tops them all and the most common in fact is simply for glamour. Some people want their nails specially designed for particular occasions like proms or weddings.

Typical false nails are just a layer of acrylic. These are glued on the surface of your natural nails once it has been filed down. This is so to strengthen the sticking power. New developments are constantly being made in the production of false nails such as the mixture of new compounds. Now, you can apply false nails by yourself, gluing it effortlessly on top your natural nails; or carefully shaping the nail the way you want it to. Your creativity is tested with the availability of the various liquids, powders, and nail lacquers – it’s art on your fingernails, literally.

Be warned though, false fingernails maybe fashionably great and somewhat helpful but it still has its downsides. If you keep false nails on for too long, the tendency would be having your natural nails thinned out and brittle. To prevent such, it is advisable that you have your nails a day off once a week from false nails so as to maintain a good condition.

Don’t ever tear or peel off your false nails if they’re attached to your natural nails. Remember that they have a strong hold on your natural nails; ruin them and you ruin your natural nails as well. The damage will most likely greatly affect your nails itself and your nail bed especially. If you want to remove your false nails then the safest and best way to do it would be to scrub them off with an acrylic nail removing solution and a nail scrub brush. Soak you nails for a while and then scrub them off carefully until you have them all finally removed.

Going to a nail salon will give you a headache since the odor released by the acrylic powder is too strong and also harmful. It would be safe for you to wear a medical mask every time you plan to go to a nail appointment; you’d be blocking out toxic fumes and protecting yourself from any type of illness that might result from the noxious air present in the salon. Also remember to never bring a child to a nail salon. As much as possible, just leave them at home with a babysitter. These tips will generally help you relax while you have your nails done.