Prevention of acne is a better option than eliminating it. Acne can be curable. But according to experts, the best thing to do would be to prevent it. Listed below are the ways of preventing acne. Acne will manifest itself as small bumps and/or small red dots on skin. These lesions are filled with sebum.

Drinking A Lot of Water – How will you prevent acne breakouts? The risk for acne is increased because a lot of people fail to drink sufficient amounts of water. Adequate intake of water will promote removal of toxins. These are primarily responsible for the acne breakouts. Thus, one of the natural ways of preventing acne will be to increase the intake of water. Adequate consumption of water will promote detoxification and can keep the skin moisturized. So, one should drink six to eight glasses of water daily to ensure a healthy soft skin free from acne.

Reduction of Stress Levels – According to studies, stress can result to acne breakouts. Even if it is impossible to get rid of stress, one can always deal with it effectively in order to avoid its side effects. Not being able to handle stress can make an individual prone to skin problems like acne. It has been shown that the number of adults suffering from stress induced acne is increasing. In addition, depression, anxiety and fear can result to acne.

Choosing the Right Skin Care Products – The use of appropriate skin care products is very important in preventing acne. More often than not, oil based products are responsible for blocking the skin pores. Eventually, this can lead to acne. Thus, it is best to avoid the use of oil based creams to prevent acne. Generally, doctors prescribe non comedogenic products because they do not clog the pores. Since these skin care products for acne are non pore blocking, their application will not result to acne flare ups.

Avoid Touching the Face More Often – One of the most frequently used parts of the body is the hand. It is regularly exposed to viruses and bacteria. Sometimes, touching the face can transfer the bacteria in large numbers. The bacteria will clog the pores and result to acne. Hence, one of the ways in preventing acne is to stop the habit of touching the face more often.

Following a Balanced Diet – Crucial factors in acne prevention include nutrition and diet. There are some foodstuffs which trigger acne flare ups. Excessive intake of processed food, white bread, cereals and milk can lead to acne. Try to focus more on eating fresh vegetables and fruits. Cook food using olive oil to prevent acne. Given below are food items which need to be included in the diet.