Laser treatment may be expensive but most individuals find that they save more on the initial payment for it than the money they spend on purchasing shaving creams or wax strips. But individuals who are thinking of undergoing laser treatment should be aware that this falls under cosmetic procedure; therefore, health insurance will not cover the expenses.

When searching for the reasonable price on hair removal using laser, individuals should be aware as well that the procedure cost varies depending on different factors like length and the hair type, number of procedures required, and clinic or medical center’s location where the procedure will be performed.

The minimum cost of a single laser procedure is around $100 or higher, depending on some factors like the clinic’s location and how many sessions is needed. Clinics situated in commercialized or high end districts normally charge higher compared to clinics situated in other places.

Number of Treatment Procedures

Most individuals who undergo laser procedure are usually required to at least have three treatments however for individuals possessing thicker hair similar to the guys’ back hair, more procedures will be required. Each individual has different hair growth pattern therefore the exact number of the needed laser procedure to completely remove the unnecessary hair is not certain.

Price Coverage

It is essential for individuals who wish to undergo laser treatment should know what is being covered by the price of the procedure, whether it only covers both arms or a single arm, for both legs or single leg only. The cost is sometimes computed for each treatment, or for every body area. The cost might depend on the tduration of the procedure to successfully remove unnecessary body hairs.

Clinic Location

Whether the clinic offering the procedure is located in a rural or urban area, the price varies. If the chosen clinic is situated in an upper class city or in an expensive spa, the procedure is more expensive than usual. It is suggested to compare the clinics offering laser treatment in different areas to avail the most reasonable price. But the expertise and track record of the physician who will perform the procedure should be considered as well.


Clients can avail for a discount by offering full payment for the basic charge of laser procedure. Clients can also get discounted package, wherein a free laser procedure will be given when they pay for a total cost of 5.

The charge of laser type hair removal might be expensive initially however clients wishing to avail the treatment can still find a quality treatment at an affordable price if they try to look for other options available around. Clients should choose a qualified dermatologist with proven record of providing effective results.