The cost of hair extensions will depend on the method to be used, the type of hair you use and the salon. If you wish to have longer hair for a night or during a special event, you might opt for synthetic hair to save money. Choose human hair extensions if you want longer lasting extensions.

Clip-In Extensions

Using clip-in extensions is the easiest as well as the least expensive way of getting longer hair. You can put them by yourself or in a salon. Cheaper kits can be obtained from a beauty supply store for a price of $20. You can also opt for a better quality hair for the price of $300. They can be amazing for special events. You can also try them to see what it’s like to have long hair. You can use them for a day before putting them back in.

Extensions through Hot Fusion

This is the common technique in putting in extensions. It bonds the hair well and will last up to four months. Usually, this is done at a salon. It will appear extremely natural when done correctly. Through this technique, hair is attached to your natural hair using hot glue. About $300 is the average cost. However, you will pay more if you happen to have a very long or thick hair.

Extensions through Cold Fusion

This technique is similar to hot fusion. Nonetheless, it uses a keratin polymer in attaching the extension to your hair. The hair blends in with your natural hair quite well and will feel more natural. These extensions will last for approximately 6 months. Yet, they will cost $1500. Long hair as well as higher end salons can make the cost of this procedure high. Opting for human hair instead of synthetic hair can make the cost of hair extensions a little higher.


In this process, the cosmetologist will braid the extensions in your natural hair. In order to have that natural look, the hair is added all over your head. The cost is between $500 and $1200 depending on the quality of the hair and also on the hair you choose.