When it comes to hair styling, there are many different forms of braiding. The use of braids is no longer limited to girls or women. Today, even men are trying out various braiding hair styles.

English Braid
This is among the common forms of hair braiding. An English braid is made by dividing the hair in three strands. The first step is to cross the right strand over the central one. Then, the left strand is crossed over the central. Such pattern will continue until the end of the strands is reached.

French Braid
This is very similar to the English braid. The basic difference is that in French braid, the strands chosen for braiding are the ones located in the middle of the scalp.

African Styles for Hair Braiding
One of the popular African hair braiding styles is the Zulu knot. It is extensively used in America. In this style of braiding, the hair is divided in either a triangular or rectangular pattern which is evenly formed across the head. The hair present in every triangular or rectangular section is tied into a knot after.

Cornrow Styles
In this style, hair braiding is done extremely close to the scalp. Cornrows may have designs in geometric, curvilinear, complicated patterns. They can also be designed in straight lines. Originally, the cornrows were used to create a wavy hair texture.

Box Braids
These are created with the use of three to four strands. There are several pairs of strands. One of them will cross over the other. Two hair stylists are needed in creating box braids.