These gel nails are remarkably easy to apply. They last up to three weeks without chipping. Also they are much better for one’s natural nail when compared to acrylic nails. It is even better knowing that you can save a lot of money by doing your own rather than going to the salon and pay as much as $40 just for a manicure. A special license is not necessary in buying the supplies. You will find them in a lot of places which include the local Sally’s Beauty Supply.

At this time, I need to mention that in order to get the product at first, you should be paying a bit more than what you want. Nevertheless, the good thing is that you will be capable of doing your own salon-quality nails anytime you want. Also, you can save lots of money by not going to the salon more frequently. These supplies last for a long period of time. If you add up the cost of manicure at the salon each time you visit, you will immediately notice that you are actually saving a lot of money by doing your own soak off gel nails.

There are plenty of different brands available in the market. Through my research, I have learned that there are two brands which are considered to be the best. These are Gelish by Harmony and CND Shellac. Both are extremely identical when it comes to application. Yet, they are formulated in different ways. In my own understanding, CND Shellac is a combination of gel and nail polish while the Gelish is a gel and color pigment. Nevertheless, they are simply the same for me considering that they are both applied in the same manner despite their different formulations.