Having hair on face portion is very undesirable for women. The development of undesirable facial hair among females can be caused by undiagnosed medical issue like overproduction of dihydrotestosterone, which is a hormone that is the predecessor to testosterone. Facial hair development in females could also be hereditary or a result of obesity or insulin resistance. No matter what the cause is, women are determined to remove undesirable facial hair then keep them at bay for a longer span of time.


Women’s first option in preventing undesirable body hair is by using tweezers. This is one small device that enables to pull out unwanted hair at its roots, preventing it from growing back quickly. Tweezing might be an alternative in dealing with stubborn hair but consider the scenario when growth of new hair has increased. Plucking unwanted facial hairs can take long hours resulting to blemished irritated skin.


Various chemicals for removing undesirable hair are available everywhere these days. However only some of these chemicals are formulated for undesirable facial hair while those that are proven effective can only be purchased with prescription. A more serious risk than previous issues is the skin irritation brought by allergic reaction, this leaves the dilemma of whether which can be more bearable; red bumps due to chemicals or more undesirable facial hair.


There are times when shaving is more convenient among females who wish to remove undesirable facial hair. Shaving unnecessary hair is a fast and simple method, which does not need plucking or doctor’s visits. But shaving only provides temporary result and would often leave few hairs, forcing an individual to do the same process a couple of times each week when shaving regularly is inconvenient. Shaving can quickly remove undesired body hair however this does not offer constant solution for women dealing with facial hair.

Laser Treatment

Removing undesired hair through laser is a method that has been experimented on to test its efficiency for almost 20 years and it has only been introduced to the people in early 90s. Starting that year, laser procedure has been embraced in the field of dermatology. There were even numerous studies on this method, which have been included in the literature of dermatology and the one from the General Hospital of Massachusetts was among the firsts recorded.

The concept behind laser procedure in removing undesirable body hair is the SPTL or selective photothermolysis. Laser light travels on the skin’s surface on the hair pigment called melanin. When laser touches the melanin, hair follicles are quickly destroyed.

Most individuals have the perception that laser treatment will readily remove undesirable hair permanently. Although laser procedure for undesirable hair will result to hair-free condition in the future, it will not give instant result. An individual undergoing this method is required to attend a few sessions for a longer time span to be completely free from undesirable hair.

Laser hair procedure is the best option in dealing with undesirable hair growth on upper lip portion, ear lobe, and chin. Its application is not allowed on the eyes, ears, or nostrils but applicable on other facial areas. Laser procedure is also applicable on underarms, legs, and areas where there is unwanted hair.