I have wanted to make a short blog on these wonderful products and share the benefits of using an eye shadow primer. A lot of us find that our eye shadows will come off during the day. They crease and appear dull. All of us want our eye shadows to last all throughout the day in order to look fresh. Listed below are the benefits of using an eye primer as well as my favorite picks.

Advantages of using an Eye Primer:

Absence of creases
Eye shadow will last throughout the day
Intensity of color is increased
With some products, eyelids will be moisturized

Here is a short list of my favorites:

MAC Paint Pot – This is also a cream eye shadow. It can also be remarkable to use as a base for powder eye shadow. I frequently use this for brides-to-be and during my shoots. It comes in nine colors which is amazing as you can match the shade to the color of the eye shadow you wish to wear. The color will really be intensified. Avail it for $14.50.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion – This comes in four shades namely Original, Eden, Greed and Sin. Shades Greed, Eden and Sin may also be used as highlighters or eye shadows. This product can also moisturize the lids. The price of this product is $14.50.

Make Up Academy Pro Eye Primer – This little beauty is remarkable. You can avail this at 2.50 pounds. This is also crease free. You get a top quality product only at a bargain price. This is the reason why I love MUA. They are considered the best high street brand since they are always up to date with the trends and provide the customers with top quality products at remarkable price.