When choosing the eyeliner shades for blue eyes, you must choose the darker colors. They can help emphasize your blue eyes very well. You can opt for colors such as dark blue, brown, charcoal gray, dark green and black.  In the case of blue eyes, applying a thin stroke will work better compared to the thick one.  Try putting a line on the inner rims of your eyelid using a liquid white sparkle eye pencil in order to have a starker effect.  Moreover, you can opt for eye pencil shades with similar color to the eyeliner if you want to have a more smudged look.  Bear in mind that you should not apply light colors because they can considerably underplay your blue eyes.


The most important aspect of any eye makeup is choosing the correct shades of the eyeshadow.  Eyeshadow shades which are suitable for blue eyes include taupe, deep blue, gray, purple, violet, lilac and mauve. If you want to have a smoky effect, try combining black and blue eyeshadow shades. This can result to an ultimate dramatic look. Do not apply light blue eyeshadow or a shade which matches the color of your eyes. The effect of your eye makeup will be completely lost.  A good option to find the perfect shades will be to purchase eyeshadow palettes or duo eyeshadow.


As much as possible, mascara must be kept minimal for blue eyes.  Stick to the basic black or you can experiment using a dark blue mascara shade for your blue eyes.  In order to have long-lasting results, the mascara must have a rich color and needs to be resistant to water and smudge.

Makeup Ideas for Individuals with Blue Eyes

  • Opting for brown is one of the best makeup ideas for blue eyes.  Try applying black mascara, dark shade of brown eyeshadow and brown eyeliner.  To compliment the brown eye makeup, you can apply any shade of brown lipstick.
  • Applying a little shimmered eyeshadow at the inner corners of the eye will brighten up your blue eyes.
  • If you apply a smoky eye makeup, this means that the rest of your makeup must be neutral and light.
  • One way to brighten and highlight your blue eye color will be to use dark brown eyeliner to line the rims of your lower eyelid.
  • A very good combination to play up your blue eyes is silver eyeliner and lavender eyeshadow.  Even bronze is a suitable color as eyeliner and eyeshadow makeup for blue eyes.