During the first session, your dermatologist will provide you with photos of before and after the use of chemical peel. He or she will also explain to you how chemical peel can help in removing skin imperfections and in improving your skin complexion. Looking at the chemical peel before and after pictures, you will see the expected results once you are done with the treatment.

Hence, it is important for you to give accurate information of your medical history and other medications for acne which you are using. This will help your dermatologist determine what kind of chemical peel is appropriate for your skin problems.

In addition, if you happen to undergo other rejuvenation process of the skin before, you need to inform your doctor about it because it could affect the treatment results which you want to achieve.

Usually, a pre-treatment skin care plan of two to four weeks is necessary for TCA or phenol chemical peel. This is to prepare your skin for possible best results.

In general, the symptoms of skin swelling, itching, skin inflammation or burning can be experienced after the treatment. For that, your dermatologist can recommend the use of cream or lotion in order to soothe the sensation of pain. Moreover, it may be necessary to use sunscreen on a daily basis and stay away from direct exposure to the sun.

For the next two weeks, the new skin will heal. You will be provided with specific skin care directions in order to maintain the results. Once your skin has healed, you will be able to determine the real improvements by taking a look at the chemical peel before and after use pictures.