More often than not, biotin is considered to be the “hair growth vitamin”. It is known to be an essential water soluble B vitamin. Biotin is popular for its role in the health as well as beauty of the nails, skin and hair. It is capable of promoting healthy growth of hair and protecting against dryness. Furthermore, it increases the elasticity of the cortex of the hair in order to prevent breakage. But biotin also has other uses. It has a role in carbon dioxide transfer making it important in the metabolism of fat and carbohydrate. Biotin is present in whole grains, meat, legumes, breads, dairy products, beans, poultry, fish, cauliflower, oatmeal, egg yolks, peanut butter, kidney, nuts, oysters and liver.

Aside from Biotin, there are other vitamins which are capable of promoting healthy hair growth. These include pantothenic acid, vitamins C, D, A, folic acid and many more. Even if supplements will promote faster hair growth, it is also important to care for your hair properly in order to prevent breakage. The most important step when you try to make your hair grow longer is prevention of breakage. Regardless of how fast your hair is growing, breakage will limit the maximum length of the hair. What is the reason behind it? You can think of it like this. When your hair grows an inch every month which can be really fast, but you cut in an inch every month, will you observe any difference in the length? The answer to that would be no. You may observe an increase in thickness but there is no change in length since you are cutting it as fast as it is growing. Now, try to think of the amount of hair you will possibly lose due to breakage.