My deep-set eyes are very oil and even my eyeliner will crease after an hour. But I have found out that if I apply a layer of loose face powder on my eyelids, any eyeliner will last all through the day until it is washed off with soap. You can use a layer of foundation under the powder although this is not necessary. Also, it appears to be suitable for any brand of powders including the ones which are not wonderful in keeping the rest of my face matte.

With that being said, Jordanna is my current favorite brand. I like automatic pencil eyeliners since you don’t need to sharpen them. Jordanna is available at $1.79 each. Or you can buy 2 for the price of $3 at the local Walgreens. Jordanna’s eyeliners are extremely good quality for the price and most of them have remarkable soft lead.

Even if Chanel Waterproof eyeliner is nice, it does not come in a variety of colors. The product from Nars is also remarkable and quite cheaper. If you like to use liquid eyeliner, you can use the product from Make Up Forever. It is very waterproof. In fact, when I placed a line on my hand, I could not remove it despite some serious scrubbing.

Bobbi Brown: I purchased this cream eyeliner. It remains forever without any smudge and is also waterproof. However, I do not know if it remains when you swim. You can try it, anyway. So as not to waste money in buying something you do not want, you can ask any of your friends if they have it and you can try theirs.

Smashbox: Jet set waterproof eyeliner is amazing! I have one and it is certainly resistant to water although, I have never used it while swimming:) It dries quickly and remains all day long. It creates smudges resulting to a smokey eye. The jar dries out very quickly so you should not keep it open for a long time.

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GOSH Liquid Liners.
Lise Watier Waterproof.
Makeup Forever AquaEyes pencils.