Most women who have fine or thin type of hair want to add volume to their hair. First and foremost, it is important to know that you can use the best volumizing shampoo available and not be able to get the expected results if you will not use the best volumizing styling aids together with it. Moreover, you should know what you are doing when it comes to techniques in hair styling. Think of it this way. You can have the best hairstyling products available, yet, if you do not have any idea regarding hairstyling, then the finished look that you want will not be possible even if the volume is there. In other words, the desired results are possible through a combination of hair products and styling technique. A lot of shampoos claimed to be volumizing products but will only leave the hair heavy and weighed down.

I love Nexxus dualiste since it is both moisturizing and volumizing. During styling, I discovered a root booster which provides the best volume to my thin hair. Redken or John Freida is good to try.

At the moment, I am using a combination of L’Oreal and Redken. Obviously, both are the same. I use the L’Oreal’s green bottle which could be the same as JessicaFan is talking about.

Furthermore, I don’t bother myself making a lot of fuss on my hair and complain it having no body. Then, I started to use body sprays, mousse and blow-drying. So I got poofy hair!

Before blow drying, I use voluming mousse from L’Oreal on my roots. This may make a big difference but can also make my hair dry. In order to create loose curls that provide loads of volume, I started using Remington slimline straightener.