It is important for healthy hair to maintain a delicate balance of protein and moisture.  Excessive moisture will cause the hair to become gooey, drab and lifeless.  In addition, excessive protein can make the hair susceptible to breakage. It will also become brittle and hard.  Proper balance can result to a shiny, soft, youthful and elastic hair.   During hair color consultation with a salon professional, the expert will determine the moisture and protein needs of your hair. Furthermore, the ideal product for your specific needs will be recommended.  Your hair may need additional protein and additional moisture.  Or it may only need a color-safe cleanser since your hair is already optimally balanced. Your salon professional is capable of providing your hair its ideal moisture and protein balance to preserve the color perfectly.

Once you have invested your money and time in a beautiful new hair color, it is important to look for hair care products which will protect and preserve your new hairdo. A good shampoo that is color safe is able to nourish your locks and will prevent the new color from fading.  Keratase Bain Miroir Shine-Revealing Shampoo for Sensitized Color-Treated Hair is a type of shampoo which has consistently received remarkable reviews. This shampoo coats the hair strands and protects them from pollutants, color-stripping and UV rays.  Even if it is a little expensive at approximately $34 for every bottle, users love its moisturizing effects. Users also believe that the color protection is completely worthy.

There are a few more budget-friendly options which you can avail. These include Herbal Essences Color Me Happy at $6.99, Matrix Biolage ColorCare at $20 and Pantene Color Revival Shampoo at $8.79. All of these are specially formulated to protect the color treated hair. They have received excellent comments from satisfied users.