The first step is to figure out which type of curly hair you have. There are three types of curly hair. These include kinky, spiral and wavy curls.  The type of curls you have naturally will determine which products will work best for you. Although, there are numerous products available, some can actually damage your hair in two ways. One is through drying it out and the other is through over processing.

If the natural balance is disrupted, it will already be more difficult to correct the problem. Knowing how to manage your curls properly can prevent unnecessary damage.  You should read the labels carefully to become aware of the ingredients present in the products you are using.

Here are several things to avoid when choosing the best products for curly hair:

  • When you choose a shampoo, stay away from products that have high levels of sulfate surfactants.  This can be the leathering chemical in shampoos. Yet, it will easily dry out your hair by taking its natural oils.
  • Do not use products which have high levels of alcohol.  These can dry out your hair by removing its natural moisture.
  • Avoid products that have silicone.  These will adhere to the hair and block essential nutrients from going into the hair. In addition, they can make your hair look dull and lifeless.

Now that you are already aware of things to avoid, here are some things which you must look for in products for curly hair.  Organic products are the best since they do not have any of these harmful chemicals.  They are made from natural ingredients which will not harm your hair. For instance, a good organic shampoo for curly hair is Curls Pure Curls Clarifying Shampoo which is priced at $43 at Ariva.