Are you searching for an amazing new eyelash curler? As a beauty editor, I have tried a lot of different versions. Some look like an ice-cream scoop, others look like little tweezers and there are also a few which look like they are part of my gynecologist’s office.

Plenty of these lash curlers appear to be different. Yet, in the end, all of them have one thing in common. They really hurt! Some experiences in lash-curling have been very painful which provoked me to get rid of this important step from my beauty routine. But as any fantastic makeup artist will tell you, lash-curling is a simple way of taking the years off from your face and make one appear awake instantly.

Hence, I was excited to discover a lash curler which will not only work but will also be easy to use. It comes to America as a gift from my French friend, Laura Mercier who is a celebrity makeup artist. Known as the Lift and Curl, this tiny beauty tool is a piece larger than a quarter. It is perfectly shaped to fit over the line of your lash. Simply rest your lashes on the cushiony pad and then push down gently on the little lever. Risk of a painful mistake is little.

The compact curler by Laura Mercier did well during our tests and was a phenomenon with consumers. According to a tester, her mother thought she was just wearing false lashes. Caveat: Getting used to the small size as well as the nontraditional design of the curler may take some time. (


• During our tests, the curl is increased by 149% on the average.
• According to testers, the lashes curled immediately and the curler made the lashes look fuller and more defined.
• It is important to curl all the lashes.


• The curler pinched the eyelids of some consumers and also pulled their lashes.
• At first, it may be awkward to handle.
• During laboratory tests, lashes lost a few of their curls after 4 hours.

Eyelash Curler by E.L.F Studio

In the laboratory, this inexpensive curler enhanced lashes. However, consumers had mixed impressions on its performance. According to some, the E.L.F. Studio Eyelash Curler was not able to squeeze all of their lashes simultaneously, while others also said that that curler pinched their skin. (


• During our tests, curl is increased by 135% on the average.
• It is convenient to use and simple to handle.
• The instructions are easy to understand as well as follow.


• It is possible that the lashes may not appear to be fuller or well defined.
• Some consumers complained that it pinched their eyelids.
• You need to make multiple squeezes in order to curl all the lashes.
• During lab tests, lashes lost a few of their curls after 4 hours.
• According to testers, they prefer not to include the curler in their usual beauty routine.

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