More often than not, age spots appear on the face, neck and back of the hands. These areas are most exposed to the sun. Though age spots on the skin are not dangerous, they are quite bothersome. Some people will look older than their age because of age spots on the face. Thus, this condition is a bit frustrating.

Reasons for having age spots on the face

The development of age spots on the skin can be attributed to the UV rays of the skin. Melatonin in the skin will determine the skin tone. Those with light skin lack melatonin while people with darker skin tone have more melatonin present in their skin. If the skin is exposed to the sun’s rays, higher production of melatonin is stimulated. Dark spots become visible when more melatonin accumulates in clusters in the skin. Aside from sun exposure, age spots may also be due to nutritional deficiency, liver diseases and genetic conditions.

Elimination of age spots on face

Luckily, age spots can be treated and removed. An individual who has this condition should first see a dermatologist who will then recommend the best treatment for this condition. There are some anti-aging creams which can successfully treat age spots on the face. These creams must be rich in bleaching agents like hydroquinone.

In addition, chemical peels are very effective in treating age spots. Chemical peels which have glycolic acid must be applied on the face and then removed after a few minutes. Facial peeling must be repeated many times so that all the age spots will be removed. Individuals who can afford it will go through laser treatment considering that it is the best method for the removal of age spots.