Chemical Peels for the Removal of Age Spots

Chemical peels are powerful facial rejuvenation methods which will not only help in reducing and removing age spots, they will also strengthen the skin in order to enhance the production of collagen. Aging skin will benefit from regular treatments. These are a few of the simplest procedures which can help in dealing with age spots. The 3 main kinds of chemical peels in order of their intensity include: AHAs, TCA and Phenol. Phenol chemical peels are extremely powerful but are not recommended for those with darker skin tones. Most individuals with aging skin will benefit from AHAs which is the mildest form of peel that can help in removing rough patches and even out the tone of the skin even after several treatments.

Fraxel for the Removal of Age Spots

One of the most recognized cosmetic procedures for the removal of age spots is Fraxel. It is a potent laser resurfacing treatment which reduces acne scars, pigmentation and eventually, get rids of age spots. Aside from smoothing out the skin and removing age spots, the Fraxel laser is capable of rejuvenating the skin as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines. The procedure is easy and efficient and can aid in all levels of pigmentation.

Laser Skin Resurfacing for the Removal of Age Spots

Treatments for laser skin resurfacing are able to strip away the top layer of the skin and stimulate the cells beneath in order to promote faster turnover. Usually, the peeling away of the top layer is sufficient in reducing or eliminating age spots. However, the entire treatment will also help with the growth of healthy skin cells and maintenance of a healthy glow. Laser skin resurfacing treatments have become more affordable and will help anyone in maintaining healthy skin for a prolonged period of time.