Wedding headpieces

Normally, the first two headpieces are used without a veil. These are the Profile. They are ornamental combs used in two ways.  One is to adorn an updo such as the French twist or on one or both sides of your hair if you opt to wear it down.  They may be adorned with a variety of items like flowers, crystals or pearls.

The Wreath is a ring. It sets on top of the head or at the back.  Usually, this headpiece is worn for informal weddings. They are made from natural and live items like greenery, flowers and leaves.

The Garden Hat is perfect for ceremonies done outdoors because it will shade you from the sun.  It can be made out of numerous different materials which will match your gown.  It may not be necessary to wear a veil with the garden hat. However, this can be accessorized in a lot of different fashions.

A very simple and classic style headpiece is the headband.  It can reach from just above one ear over the top of the head. It ends just above the other ear.  What makes the headband a beautiful piece is the fact that it can be made from the same material as your designer gown. It can also be made from fabrics such as lace or silk to complement with your gown.

The Juliet Cap is a tiny cap which can be placed on the crown of the head.  Normally, it is round but will also vary.  To match your wedding gown, the cap can be embellished with jewels or flowers.

Snood is an extremely unique headpiece for the hair.  It can be made out of a variety of materials such as metal, lace and netting.  Embellishments are unlimited.  You can use beads, crystals, lace and pearls to match your gown.

When we speak of Tiara, we usually associate it with a Princess; just like diamonds with sparkle.  The tiara can be situated on top of your head. It can also be attached to a veil, worn alone or adorned with jewels and gems.

Brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian hair straightening treatments are capable of eliminating frizz and straightening hair. These usually last for approximately three months.  All of these cost about $150 – $ 600 based on the length of the hair.  These keratin-based treatments can be done on all kinds of chemically-treated hair such as relaxed, bleached, previously straightened, colored, hi-lights and permed hair.  They can also be used for virgin hair. The method of application is just like the Japanese Yuko System. Heated flat irons are used in closing the product into the hair cuticle.

These treatments are designed to reduce frizz. They can also straighten curls and waves.  If these treatments are performed correctly, they can reduce approximately 50% to 80% of the curl according to the original texture of the hair.  However, such treatments will not completely guarantee that the hair will become straight.  Usually, treatments will last for about 10-12 weeks.  They must be repeated several months after in order to allow new growth treatment. Downtime ranges from no-wait to a 72 hour period depending on the treatment used. The recipient is not allowed to tuck the hair behind the ears, wash or wet the hair and pin it up using a headband, any hair clip or ponytail holder. Doing these will compromise treatment results.

There are concerns regarding the presence of formaldehyde in various hair smoothing products at significant concentrations. They are focused on whether methylene glycol can be legally synonymous to formaldehyde. Gas of anhydrous formaldehyde will easily dissolve and react to water. As a result, an equilibrium solution of methylene glycol is formed.  If heated, equilibrium changes and favors formaldehyde as well as water production. The manufacturer of Brazilian Blowout claimed that it is methylene glycol that is present in their products and not formaldehyde.  Thus, they believe that their product is formaldehyde-free.

Keratin smoothing treatment

Define the Keratin Smoothing Treatment?

It is a specifically formulated rejuvenating and revitalizing hair treatment with the purpose of eliminating frizz and curl.  Its advanced patent pending formulation is capable of restoring and restructuring the hair. This is done by infusing a special blend of natural keratin deep into the cuticle which has been damaged.  The keratin is attached to the cuticle through the heat of the flat iron. This is to relax the sub-cuticle layer of the hair.

Is this similar to Chemical Straightening?

Actually, they are two different forms of services.  Chemical straightening is able to break the bonds in the hair and will only grow out by the root. On the other hand, keratin therapy is capable of smoothening and relaxing the hair in order to eliminate frizz.  With heat, maintenance of time is being cut drastically. Chemical straightening should not be done on a highly bleached or damaged hair. Keratin therapy is the best treatment for damaged or highly bleached hair.

What are the results which can be expected after the Treatment?

Hair will become more manageable and will have less time in styling. You will observe that it will become straighter and softer with added life and luster.  The hair may be finger dried through heat from the hairdryer to achieve a natural frizz free straight finish. Or it could be blow-dried or ironed in order to have perfect straight hair in minutes.

Can you apply color on the Hair before the treatment?

Of course! The right time to do the treatment will be directly after coloring or chemically treating the hair.  The color will be confined to extend the life of the color and to leave the hair vibrant. Nonetheless, you need to wait for two weeks after the treatment before you can color your hair.

What type of shampoo or conditioner will I be using?

Keratin Complex shampoo and conditioners are highly recommended. This is to ensure that your hair will remain to be infused with keratin.  Regular shampoos have sodium chloride which can remove the keratin which has been infused in the hair.

Best mineral makeup

Regardless of your skin color, mineral makeup can be used for various purposes. Make sure to consult a dermatologist first in case you have an allergy from cosmetics which are commercially available.  Take note of all the brands that contain different ingredients when you shop for mineral makeup. Makeup lines claiming to be ‘natural’ and consist of makeup with mineral content will differ according to the company which manufactured the line. Finding the right brand can be a trial and error process. You have to ensure that your skin will be perfectly attuned with the product. This is particularly true for individuals with sensitive skin types.

In case you are not particularly allergic to any components and lower price is considered a top priority, then you can try the cosmetic aisles at your local drugstores or grocery. There you will find options such as Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear, L’Oreal Bare Naturale, IsaDora Mineral Makeup and Maybelline Mineral Power. Together with these lines, you may also order Avon’s Smooth Mineral cosmetics through the Internet or from a representative. On the other hand, if you are looking for the chance to play with mineral colors, try looking into mineral lines from e.l.f., Coastal Scents, TKB Trading and MAD Minerals.  When it comes to reputation, Bare Escentuals’ Bare Minerals is popular due to its long-wearing foundation and impressive finish. The latter lasts through a sweaty session at the gym or even during a humid day in summer.  But for those who are not very pleased with its cost which is more expensive than the others, they have discovered Everyday Minerals. It contains four ingredients in their powder foundations. Moreover, the texture is similar to the smoothness of Bare Escentuals’ Bare Minerals.  It has also been frequently talked about since its full-size items have the same price with the higher-end products in drugstores.