Gel nails at home

These gel nails are remarkably easy to apply. They last up to three weeks without chipping. Also they are much better for one’s natural nail when compared to acrylic nails. It is even better knowing that you can save a lot of money by doing your own rather than going to the salon and pay as much as $40 just for a manicure. A special license is not necessary in buying the supplies. You will find them in a lot of places which include the local Sally’s Beauty Supply.

At this time, I need to mention that in order to get the product at first, you should be paying a bit more than what you want. Nevertheless, the good thing is that you will be capable of doing your own salon-quality nails anytime you want. Also, you can save lots of money by not going to the salon more frequently. These supplies last for a long period of time. If you add up the cost of manicure at the salon each time you visit, you will immediately notice that you are actually saving a lot of money by doing your own soak off gel nails.

There are plenty of different brands available in the market. Through my research, I have learned that there are two brands which are considered to be the best. These are Gelish by Harmony and CND Shellac. Both are extremely identical when it comes to application. Yet, they are formulated in different ways. In my own understanding, CND Shellac is a combination of gel and nail polish while the Gelish is a gel and color pigment. Nevertheless, they are simply the same for me considering that they are both applied in the same manner despite their different formulations.

Open back dresses

For a lady to rock a party, an open back dress can be a remarkable asset. More and more, open back dresses have been associated with prom. Certainly, they can be great prom dresses! They can even draw a lot of attention during parties or cocktails. The photo above is taken during a Hermes party which occurred before the beginning of the Fashion Week in New York. Such occasion attracts the who’s who of the fashion world. It would be easy to find open back dresses at parties or cocktail events. They are extremely well-known among women who want to project a classy and elegant look. Yet, one can also have that sexy look with this piece of clothing.

But just like any dress, an open back dress is not suitable for everyone. It is important to be able to carry off the look. Moreover, you have to be sure that the dress is appropriate for the event. With its audacity, it makes a statement and catches the attention of many. In case the event you will be going is a networking event which gives you the opportunity to meet potential employers, then it would be best to dress more conservatively. However, if you want to stand out with boldness, then the open back dress could be a wonderful tool.

Black wedge sandals

Black wedge sandals have an allure that is only unique to them. Similar to most sandals, black wedge sandals are extremely comfortable to wear. Interestingly, the uppers are frequently made in such a way that the arranged straps will either appear too casual or at times, very elegant. Since the vamps are made of straps, the person’s feet will feel breezy because air easily circulates around them.

In addition, one can consider wedge sandals as similar to high heeled sandals. The difference between them is that high heeled sandals have only two points of support which are on the heel and the toe. Due to this, women wearing these kinds of footwear will usually experience stress on their midsole. On the other hand, wedge sandals provide support on every part of the sole. With this complete support, women will experience less stress on their feet while walking or standing.

Comfort is not the only thing which all the footwear offers. With midsole and wedged heel, those wearing this kind of sandal will appear taller due to the added height. Anyone wearing a wedge sandal will have longer legs and her buns will look firmer and tighter as well. All of these can be attributed to the angle of the footbed.

There are variations in styles and designs when it comes to the strap uppers. At times, the uppers consist of thick straps making the footwear look more casual. But there are also uppers which have thin and slim straps to make the footwear appear more chic and fashionable. Usually, these thin straps are arranged in such a way that the slim figure of the ankles and also the sexy appearance of the feet are accentuated.

Headbands for women

Even if headbands are on top of the list of most trendy hair accessories for women this season, it is important to know that headband styles and ways of wearing them are in frenzy. For women, there are lots of different designs of headbands which are made from different materials. A skinny plastic headband in dark color is best complemented with a messy ponytail or low ponytail. But if your hair has bangs, it is best not to wear skinny headbands. If your hair is styled in a poofy ponytail, a double stranded skinny hairband will look wonderful. During cocktail parties or a night out with friends, skinny plastic headbands with high glitter colors such as copper, gold and bronze can look fantastic.

The beaded headbands are among the best headbands for hippie women. These can be obtained in various colors and styles and will go well with beach girl like curls. For women with long and curly hair, they can wear headbands which are a bit wider and are made from different fabrics that are patched together. These will provide your outfit with a bit of flair aside from keeping your hair out of your eyes. You may also choose headbands with crochet work and combined with tiny crystals. Casual wear could also go well with a stretch headband which is decorated with handmade silk flowers such as exotic orchids or roses. All these headbands should be worn with long hair which could either be curly or wavy. These headbands must not be worn by women with thin limp hair.