Best Hair Removal

Best Women Products For Removing Undesirable Hair

Searching for products that can best remove undesirable hair? Individuals need to identify first which method would be the most appropriate or suitable for them. When talking about methods in removing undesirable hair, several options are available. Customers need to choose among waxing, shaving, and using depilatory or epilatory creams. Several brands are available for purchase. For individuals who are on tight-budget and cannot afford to spend much for treatment at the salon, using wax is one ideal option. It is essential to purchase a brand with excellent reputation and to utilize the appropriate waxing method. The customers can try some known home kits for waxing like the wax kit Salon Divine from Nair, Satin Smooth, or Sally Henson. Gigi Brazilian, a waxing kit for bikini area is available as well. There are also waxing strips from Veet or Parissa. For the sensitive skin, there is Emjoi or Braun’s Silk-epil. Brands including Nad, Veet, and Nair offer gels and creams for removing undesirable hair. Costumers who patronize herbal products can try Nads Natural Hair Removal Gel and Moom’s products for removing undesirable hair. Shaving might be bothersome with the individual even ending up with cuts if not careful. This however does not prevent women from using razors. One appropriate option for these women is the bladeless kit called Rasera from Veet or Gillette’s Venus Embrace.

Best Men Products For Removing Undesirable Hair

Women are not the only ones taking interest in using such products. There are also men using wax, lotions, and gels to remove undesirable hair. With facial hair, guys usually make use of razors or electric shaver and also shaving foam. Guys searching for some electric shavers can try the Emjoi RotoShave product or the electric razors from Philip, Braun, or Panasonic that are designed for guys. Guys do not only want smooth shave, many of them also groom or remove hair on chest through waxing. Brands like the Parissa provide tea tree type of wax strips appropriate for guys. These large strips are used for the arms and the legs. Guys can try waxing strips from Nad, Veet, and Moom. There are also brands of depilatory creams. Most brands offering women products are now opening their doors to guys interested in buying the same products that women use to remove undesirable hair and get a hairless and smooth skin. Thus these brands have decided to introduce new products catering to men.

Now several people are already aware of some brands offering products to remove undesirable hair. Everyone can now have a silky and smooth skin using such products. No more waiting this time. This is now the time to utilize these products and bid adios to undesirable hair on face and body.

Home Laser Hair Removal

A place called home is where one feels comfortable to do anything or everything she or he pleases. Thus, removing undesirable hair at home using laser has become popular. These home kits may seem high-priced at the start but it is said that they are better instead of going for the other techniques and thus, are cheaper as well. Home kits for removing undesirable hair cost much cheaper than having to undergo a similar treatment in skin clinics.

Procedures of removing hair using laser are able to promise long-lasting removal of undesirable hair. The method actually aids in hair thinning. It also retards hair growth where the growth is not visible. In an instance when growth is observed, hair is still much thinner compared with the natural width of hair.

Equipment that uses laser in removing undesirable hair has its portable type of laser beam. The beam travels to the follicle. When laser beam is transferred into the follicle, growth of hair stops. Home kits for removing undesirable hair using laser are beneficial and advantageous since they are able to hit the tiniest or smallest hair parts with precision.

The efficacy of these home kits with laser is dependent on pulse of laser light used and on hair and skin color. To achieve maximum result through skin tan reduction; the rate of success should not only be higher but treatment should be safer also. To completely remove undesirable hair, individuals need to attend 6 to 9 sessions of this procedure however a 2 to 4 weeks gap every two sessions is important.

Many people question the safety of this technique with laser. This treatment process is not harmful and has no life-threatening complications like cancer. In this method, laser light used only travels up to the skin’s dermis layer. The light heats up the melanin substance in hair shaft however using sunglasses is advisable in this method to avoid possibility of sustaining damage to eyes with laser light.

Laser light overexposure may cause the formation of white patches in a person’s skin. It takes much longer for these patches to disappear. People with darker skin have been observed to develop blotches because of laser light overexposure. Failure to adjust the laser light’s intensity can result to unwanted and burning scars. These scars are especially visible in individuals with darker skin and individuals who resort to tanning.

Individuals who have thick hair or dark or sensitive skin sometimes experience pain when using this kit. These kits are not advisable for use among individuals with recent acne treatment. Individuals having sensitive skin are forbidden from using the kits as well since sensitive skin is receptive to the concentrated light and thus should refrain from having this treatment.

Usually, laser home kits are able to remove undesirable hair found in all body parts by emitting laser pulses. Through constant use, the machine’s laser pulses get over. The machine then becomes redundant and the need to purchase a new one becomes necessary. Nonetheless, these home kits have become popular to the modern-day women.

Hair Removal Products

Products To Temporarily Eliminate Undesirable Hair

Products capable of eliminating undesirable hair on a temporary basis can eliminate the hair part sticking out of skin. These products help the skin stay smooth for hours and even days for some. Products that can temporarily eliminate undesirable hair include the epilation products, which help eliminate hair from roots. Results from these products can last for days or weeks. These include the epilation and depilation products. A few examples are found below:

 Trimming and Shaving Products (These include shaving kits and disposable razors)

 Depilatories (These include lotions and creams for removing undesirable hair)

 Friction (This includes using Mitt as a sand paper in removing undesirable hair)

 Tweezers (These include the three Tweezer types; pointed, slanted, and square)

 Waxing (This includes cold and hot wax when removing undesirable hair)

 Sugaring (This includes using sticky paste instead of wax then followed by paper or cotton cloth to remove undesirable hair)

 Threading (This includes using twisted thread in removing undesirable hair on face and even reshaping of eyebrow)

 Rotary Epilators (These include using electrical tweezers to pluck undesirable hair on legs and the arms)

Products To Permanently Eliminate Undesirable Hair

These products can permanently eliminate undesirable hair for longer span of time, which can last for approximately a year or more. Using these products can greatly reduce hair growth while making hair lighter and finer. These products however are not beneficial for everybody. They can eliminate undesirable hair by using chemicals and energy. These include the following:

 Electrolysis (This kit contains metallic probe, which passes current of low voltage to each follicle, which can result to damaged hair bulb.)

 Home Electrolysis (These units are available for purchase. However some units do not come with a fine probe capable of entering a follicle. This type is considered less effective.)

 Hair Removing Products Using Laser (These include using specific wavelength or laser in removing undesirable hair coming from larger body areas.)

 Flash Lamp (This includes using hand piece to transfer the pulse light that can cover the larger skin areas. This can be effective when used on darker skin.)

Products That Inhibit Growth Of Hair

Products that can prevent growth of hair can produce lasting results however the products must be utilized for a longer period. These can be purchased in two kinds:

 Oral Products (Several prescribed medicines that can prevent growth of hair are available for purchase. However results vary on each individual.)

 Tropical Creams (These can also prevent any growth of hair and are available for purchase.)

These products have been tested clinically and have met the doctors’ approval.

IPL Hair Removal

Intense Pulse Light or IPL is one popular method to use when removing undesirable body hair, specifically from the person’s face and also the eyebrows. In this therapy, the high frequency light is focused directly toward a hair shaft. This light decreases moisture in hair follicle that leads to the follicle burning up and dying. Since IPL eliminates undesirable body hair starting from root to tip, the IPL has been proven effective as long-term technique in removing undesirable hair.

The IPL hair removing technique is among the high-priced methods. Thus, it is essential to gather enough information about the therapy prior to investing time and money to such treatment. Read through the following information to learn more.

Individuals searching for solution to permanently reduce hair can try the IPL treatment. IPL therapy helps eliminate hair right down to its root by way of burning or dissolving hair follicle. By the time the light hits the root, hair is not only eliminated but a shock is also sent to its base where root grows. As light touches the skin surface, it binds it together to stop the blood flow. As the blood flow to surface area stops, hair root will no longer be able to receive the nutrients needed to grow to its full hair length. Thus, hair can be permanently removed.

Oftentimes, more than a single therapy is required to fully eliminate undesirable hair through IPL technique. When light binds the skin area, it generally does not lead to the full surface area being welded. Blood is still able to flow toward the follicle and hair shaft. Since the surface area is partially welded, hair can grow again however less thick and lighter this time. This process can result to sudden reduction of hair coarseness and amount, ultimately resulting to long-lasting removal.

Since IPL therapy uses lasers or light of high intensity, hair follicle requires color to which light can cling to. Thus, this IPL hair removing treatment is not for hair with colors like dark, light brown, and blond. However, reducing the coarseness seen in all hair types including those with light brown and blond follicles is still possible with IPL treatment.

Some debate on whether scarring can occur when using IPL treatment is still going on. Nurse practitioners who prefer electrolysis will voice out that IPL method is harmful since the laser used directly points toward the skin surface and may burn it. Others who choose IPL technique will protest and say that electrolysis is more dangerous compared to IPL.

The best approach is to ensure one’s own safety . Consumers can test the technique first on a tiny portion of their own skin anywhere in the body prior to saying yes to the method. Observe any result for certain days before coming up with a decision. It must be remembered that scarring is one permanent result, especially on face portion. There might be several methods that can help correct the scarring however it will not really disappear.